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Indian Cuisine

Indian food touches your soul before it touches your taste-buds. There’s heaven in every bite.

Indian Breads

Tawa Paratha

A paratha is a flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent, prevalent throughout the modern-day nations of India

Lacha Paratha

Layered paratha is a flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent, prevalent throughout the modern-day nations of India.

Masala Kulcha

Kulcha is made from maida flour, water, a pinch of salt and a leavening agent (yeast or old kulcha dough), mixed together by hand to make a very tight dough. This dough is covered with a wet cloth and left to stand for an hour or so in a warm place. The result is a slight leavening of the flour but not much. The flour is pummelled again by hand and then rolled out using a rolling pin into a flat, round shape. It is baked in an earthen clay oven (“tandoor”) until done.

Methi Paratha

Methi  paratha is a flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent, prevalent throughout the modern-day nations of India.

Rice & Pulaos Veg/Non-Veg

Jeera Pulao

Jeera rice or Zeera rice is an Indian dish consisting of rice and cumin seeds. It is a popular dish in North India and Pakistan as an everyday rice dish. It is easy to prepare, unlike biryani. “Zeera” is the Hindi word for cumin seeds, often pronounced Jeera.

Aloo Pulao

It’s a delicious rice preparation where rice is cooked in spices and is loaded with baby potatoes . Saffron is added to it too which gives a very nice fragrance to this pulao.

Mutton Pulao

Marinated lamb in curd and Indian spices and cooked with long grain rice.

Prawns Pulao

Tiger prawns blended with herbs and spice cooked with onions and long grain rice.

Kashmiri Pulao

Kashmiri Pulao is a delicious ricepreparation where rice is cooked in milk and is loaded with dry fruits and fruits. Saffron is added to it too which gives a very nice fragrance to this pulao.

Paneer Peas Pulao

Fresh cottage cheese and green peas cooked with long grain rice blended with Indian spices and Ghee.

Kheema Pulao

Minced lamb marinated with herbs and spices cooked with long grain rice.

Chicken Pulao

Marinated chicken with Indian spices and herbs cooked with long grain rice.

Curries Veg/Non-Veg

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer tikka masala is an Indian dish of marinated paneer cheese served in a spiced gravy. It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka masala.

Aloo Mutter Korma

Diced potatoes and green peas cooked in onion tomato curry with fresh herbs and spices blended with yougurt.

Mutton Rogan Josh

Succulent pieces of Goat or Lamb braised in gravy flavored with aromatic spices like fennel, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon & ginger. This dish gets it’s fiery red color from powdered Kashmiri chili peppers which have more color than heat.

Fish Curry

Fresh water fish cooked in Indian spices tamarind pulp fresh herbs simmered.

Kofta Curry

Malai kofta is a popular as well as most sought after vegetarian Indian dish in restaurants. Malai means cream and Koftaare fried dumpling balls. Usually they are made up of mashed potatoes, mix vegetables or paneer.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala is a dish consisting of roasted marinated chicken chunks in spiced curry sauce. The curry is usually creamy and orange-coloured.

Prawns Curry

Prawn Coconut Curry is a delicious Indian shrimp curry where coconut milk is the star ingredient along with the shrimps. Here is how to make prawn curry with coconut milk.

Hyderabadi Sweets

Qubani Ka Meeta

Qubani ka meetha is an Indian sweet made from dried apricots originating from Hyderabad, India. It is a common feature at Hyderabadi weddings.

Shahi Tukda

Shahi tukda recipe with step by step photos. Shahi tukda is a rich, royal Mughlai dessert of fried sugar syrup coated bread topped and soaked with fragrant creamy sweet thickened milk or rabri and garnished with dry fruits.

Double Ka Meeta

Double ka meetha, also known as Shahi Tukra, is a South Asian bread pudding of fried bread slices soaked in hot milk with spices, including saffron and cardamom. Double ka meetha is a dessert of Hyderabad State. It is popular in Hyderabadi cuisine, served at weddings and parties.

Kadhu Kheer

Rich dessert made up of condensed milk bottle gourd long grain rice soaked and coarsely grounded cooked in milk mixed with dry fruits fried in ghee.


Dal Tadka

Dal tadka is one of the most popular lentil dish served in Indian restaurants. Basically, Dal tadka  is cooked lentils which are tempered with oil or ghee fried spices & herbs

Pancharatna Dal

Basically, pancharatna dal is a curry prepared from 5 lentils with spices.  Dalrecipes are very common in india, and it is consumed with either rice or rotis.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a dish originating in New Delhi, India. It is a modern take on the age-old Urad ki Dal.

Palak Dal

Dal Palak is nothing but lentils cooked with spinach & tempered with basic Indian spices. It is a healthy, delicious and one of the most made palak recipes in Indian homes.